A Perfect Guide On TikTok Ads To Boost Your Profile

Are you planning about using TikTok ads for your brands or business? Now, it is the right time to begin; TikTok is one of the best-downloaded apps in 2020, with over 800M monthly users. If you are looking to increase your sales, push traffic for your website, or start a new product. A creative and well-focused TikTok ad campaign can drive great and massive results. In this article, we can find everything that you are required to understand about the various creative TikTok advertising methods. You can buy TikTok likes to improve your visibility effortlessly.

What Are TikTok Ads?

TikTok ads are simple to use with powerful methods that help your businesses and brands, where you target, ad creation, ad management tools, and insight tools. It works effectively with millions of users around the globe. Meanwhile, TikTok ads are famous as Facebook or Instagram ads. However, it is an incredible chance for brands looking to expand their reach. Now, it is the right time to begin using TikTok ads, as several brands and businesses have caught on. 

If you are a small business with a preferred budget or if you are running a campaign, then TikTok ads provide a number of unique tools to help brands and companies. Relevant to Instagram’s Ad manager, TikTok’s platform-tools work on the methods of making, delivering, and improving your ads. TikTok ads currently have two budgeting chances, daily or lifetime. You can work on both options; your budget can be modified anytime throughout the ad campaign. You can also focus your audience by gender, age, location, interest, and other unique attributes. 

Similar to other social media ad managers, you can also make customized audiences and lookalike audiences to reach new viewers that are relevant to your existing ones. 

TikTok Ad Types

There are five types of TikTok ads:

  1. In-Feed Ads
  2. Branded Hashtag Challenges
  3. Brand Takeover
  4. TopView
  5. Branded Effects

In Detail About TikTok Ads

1. In-Feed Ads

In-feed ads are the video ads that emerge in between user videos as you move through your For You page. If you are unaware of TikTok and FYP, then in-feed ads are very relevant to the ads you can view while clicking through Instagram stories. You can make imaginative in-feed ads, where you can add several call-to-actions and make your video everywhere between 9 to 15-seconds. Having a chance to add a call-to-action is the best benefit. For instance, you can motivate users to shop now, download the app, or check the website right from TikTok.

One factor to remember is that like any other video on your FYP, in-feed ads can be moved past or skipped fastly. You only need to have 2 to 3 seconds to hook your audience’s eye before they keep scrolling. It should be full screen and should be attractive to stop users from moving past your content. 

2. Brand Takeover

On TikTok, brand takeover ads pop up, opening the app, presenting a full-screen video for your target audience. It is one of the TikTok ad’s perfect methods for delivering massive brand awareness and pushing direct sales as you can place your messaging right in front of your target audience. These brand takeover ads pop up as soon as when opened on TikTok, but they can also emerge on the For You page as still images, GIFs, or videos. Including a clickable link is pushing users to a landing page or hashtags challenge within TikTok. 

For example, Guess Jeans has its #InMyDenim challenges advertising all over the TikTok platform. It is exclusively based on their category, which means TikTok assures users don’t look at more than one ad for brand takeover on a single day. Using these branded takeover ads, you can expect more audiences on your content with little competition. 

3. Branded Hashtag Challenge

These TikTok’s hashtag challenges are one of the best advertising methods on TikTok. You can see branded hashtag challenges reviewed on the discovery page. Similar to standard hashtag challenges and trends on TikTok, branded hashtags challenges provide both sponsored and organic chances for brands. It is an ideal method to motivate UGC and build brand awareness. It is an exciting method for brands to associate and combine themselves into TikTok groups and culture. It’s essential to build objectives when you are making a branded hashtag challenge. 


In a nutshell, this article has keenly explained to you the evident facts of TikTok’s creative advertising methods and the previous steps on how you can use them to promote your business.