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Now you can check who viewed your Instagram profile with just few minutes. We don't ask you to register an account with us and everything is completely free of charge.

Faster Than Ever Before

You can check now who viewed your Instagram profile faster than ever before. The main difference from previous versions is that now you can check who viewed your profile in REAL TIME

Privacy & Protection

No one will ever know that you are using IgViewers to check who is stalking you. We will never ever ask for your Instagram password or other sensitive information. You are completely safe!

Who Viewed My Instagram Profile – Find Instagram Stalkers

Probably you’ve searched “who viewed my Instagram profile” and you are super curious to find who stalked you. Maybe in the past this was impossible, but in today digital era where people leave digital footprints all over the web it’s really easy to find out. Our Instagram analytic service is one of the most accurate services about social media. Sometimes you want to find out if your crush is checking your profile and it’s totally understandable. Sometimes you are simply curious who is stalking you. Maybe you have business page and want to keep an eye from competitors and all that makes sense. However, Instagram does not allow directly to check who viewed your Instagram profile and therefore you have to use third party apps. If Instagram does not allow something it does not mean that information can’t flow our of their servers. It happened before with other social medias like Facebook and it will continue to happen in the future.

How Does It Work

We want to simplify the web app for the users as much as possible. We understand that not many people are tech savvy, so this was one of our main goals. All you have to do is to enter your username and wait till system scans it. When the system finds you, just confirm that it’s your profile. You don’t even have to log in to Instagram to make it work. Rest of the work will be done by the tool, so in just 2 minutes you will have the complete results. If you would like to view private Instagram, we are still in the process of building a tool for it.

Is It Safe?

Still curious to find out who viewed my Instagram profile but you are afraid to check? As we stated, we will never ever ask for your password or any other sensitive information that can harm you, or people you are checking for. But, is your Instagram account safe for doing so? It’s completely safe to check as much as you want since our view feed now is almost in real time.